Lighting the Torch of Truth

Have you ever over-ridden your intuition? Or lied to yourself that you don't know what's really going on? Or perhaps you knew, but then you doubted yourself?

Me too.

This week, I'm on a writing retreat in Crestone, Colorado, working on a chapter about this topic for the upcoming book, The New Feminine Evolutionary (Flower of Life Press). The book will be published this fall, with proceeds donated to the Pachammama Alliance.

Just this morning, I received the long-awaited video recording of a talk that I gave on this same subject, at a workshop in February. Take a peek here! 

I want to share this message with you now because I believe it's absolutely important. So important that I'm willing to share some of my most vulnerable personal history, and show up looking messy after a day of working and dancing.

Here's the truth, in this post-truth world: We need our heart-intelligence more than ever.

It will guide us home.

Now is the time to honor intuition, along with reason. The ability to integrate these two capacities will be a super-power for leaders in the coming years and decades.

And, since intuition is a Feminine capacity, women will lead the way.