Allison has an amazing ability to sense how each individual in the room is feeling. She adapts her approach to ensure each person is comfortable in expressing themselves which makes the results of the session more powerful and impactful.  – Beth Lacey, Expert Advisor, The Martellus Group


I have worked with many consultants and Allison is a real find. She effectively weaves the businesses/team objectives in with each person's individual strengths, gifts and contributions and helps define what is needed. She dynamically guides the group with a wisdom that helps each member learn something new and necessary for themselves, bringing clarity and energy into the situation the group is facing. It results in qualitative and substantive outcomes.   – Colleen Abdoulah, Past Chair & CEO at WOW Internet, Cable and Phone; Board Chair at WorldPulse


Allison worked with members of my senior teams at a time of unprecedented internal and external change. She immediately earned the team's trust. Allison is is intuitive, thoughtful and fearless. I highly recommend her for any leader looking for a pragmatic and result-oriented perspective on team dynamics. – Janet Widmann, President and CEO at Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics


Allison has a unique way of taking complex leadership and emotional intelligence theories and translating them into tactical practices that fit into my day-to-day work life. Her style is personal and easy to relate to. She's helped me to clearly define who I am as a leader and how to use that in a positive way to help myself and my team advance in our work journey. -- Cecilia Sun, Vice President, Digital Customer Experience and Innovation, Blue Shield California
Allison is an extremely special coach – a true gem. Her amazing insights combined with her fiercely loving style created a powerful experience that lives on in me, years later. Her depth and breadth of industry knowledge and understanding are extraordinary. And her presence is extraordinary, too. – Francesca Painter, Executive Coach, FKP Coaching
Allison's presence has made a profound difference; I marvel at the blessing she has been in my life and how grateful I am that a colleague suggested that she would be the perfect coach for me. Not only has my work with Allison led to a new and deeply meaningful career; my journey has been enriched tenfold.  – Susan Van Vorst, Dean, Conservatory of Music, Baldwin Wallace University
Allison's sensitive and skillful approach helped me to recreate my life and reignite my passion for work.  – Katie Eastman, Psy.D, MSW, CEO, Children's Palliative Care Community, Consultant, Author, Film Producer
Allison is a brilliant intellectual and a gifted intuitive. She has a keen ability to grasp complex organizational systems while tending skillfully to the human interactions at the heart of them. I feel deeply nourished by her graceful and grounded presence.  – Rima Bonario, Th.D., author, speaker, consultant
Allison’s mentorship is a rare gift: She highlights the power in each of us to do what is best for all of us. She senses into what a woman needs to fully step into her power, then gives her the tools to take that step. She gracefully navigates between energetic practices and intellectual concepts to provide a holistic program. Since working with her, I have come to embrace more aspects of my inner world and have translated that into my leadership. Angela Merrell, Scholar, Watson University
Allison is amazing to work with. She is very smart, she has great intuition, and her insights and perspective are invaluable. She is a very open person and makes you feel comfortable and safe to share. She was very engaged and flexible, while holding me accountable for taking the time to really get the most value from our interactions. She has a wide variety of expertise and even with most challenging questions or situations, she was able to provide the guidance I needed. – Armine Papouchian, Senior Vice President, Provider Contracting, Relations, Compliance and Analytics, Blue Shield California