Achieve deeper impact … with more alignment, ease and joy.

Artist: Shiloh Sophia

Artist: Shiloh Sophia

As a woman Changemaker, do you want to make a bigger difference… but you are you stretched-thin, depleted, under-resourced? Do you wish you could bring more of yourself to work… but you have to leave the feminine and spiritual parts behind?

At Sophia Leadership, we believe that women will be the determining factor in creating the “More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.” And we are committed to ushering in a new paradigm of peace, equality and environmental sustainability by developing and resourcing the women who will lead the way.

We all know that, as a woman leader, the challenges you face are steeper than those of your male counterparts: It’s harder to obtain the funding you need, get your work promoted, and be seen as credible.

But the good news is this: The single most important limiting factor in your success as a ChangeMaker is not money, time, recognition – or any external circumstance. It’s your capacity to master the art of leadership, resource yourself from within, and magnetize support for your work.

YOU are the biggest opportunity for deepening your impact in the world.

In order to lead the way, we must BE the way

First the bad news (which is probably not news to you at all):

  • When you feel overwhelmed, over-extended, and under-resourced, you’ll tend to lead in a way that’s more reactive than creative.

  • When you’re feeling disconnected – from other women, from the earth, or from your own soul – you’ll likely have trouble using intuition and magic to magnetize the support you need.

  • If you you’re caught up in a hyper-Masculine culture, you may find yourself operating on over-drive, neglecting self-care, and forgetting who you are as a spiritual being.

As a woman, this is a sure-fire way to become dry, dull, lifeless – and less effective than you could be. Your leadership suffers, and your impact is diminished.

Now the good news: There is a better way. A much better way!

Truly impactful leadership is possible when you feel vibrantly alive, nourished and resourced… when your Higher Self is in the drivers seat (in your body!)… and when you are able to give from an overflow of life-force energy.

Even better, when you choose to co-create with the Divine and offer your work as an act of devotion, the Source of Life steps in to assist you in magical ways… and you can accomplish more, with less effort.

It becomes natural and easy to make the impact that you want to make. ,

One of the greatest leadership myths is that women can’t be both powerful and feminine. Actually, we can.
More importantly, we must.
— Allison Conte

What we do

At Sophia Leadership, we help women change-makers to trust Feminine ways of knowing, embody Feminine power and wisdom, and create with Feminine magic. Our programs are a blend of both professional development (to take your leadership to the next level), and a spiritual journey (to support your soul’s expansion).

We are debunking three myths:

  • that success requires aligning only with Masculine values

  • that the Feminine is weak and passive

  • that spirituality must be separated from leadership

If we are to create the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, nothing less will do.

Benefits you can look forward to

Feminine leadership brings real results.

Past participants in Sophia Leadership programs have experienced:

  • Vitality – Feeling alive, inspired and passionate

  • Ease – Meeting goals with less effort

  • Creativity – Increased flow of creative ideas

  • Support – Magnetizing resources and help for projects

  • Intuition – Following inner knowing and spiritual guidance

  • Authenticity – Leading from soul Essence (rather than ego personality)

  • Renewal – Ability to replenish energy, even when busy