Achieve deeper impact … with more alignment, ease and joy.

Artist: Shiloh Sophia

Artist: Shiloh Sophia

At Sophia Leadership, we are committed to ushering in a new paradigm of peace, equality and environmental sustainability by developing and resourcing the women who will lead the way.

In order to lead the way, we must BE the way.

If you’re like many women change-leaders, you want to make a bigger difference. The question is not what you need to DO to make the difference you want to make. The internet is saturated with ideas and ready-made answers to that question. 

The question is, who do you need to BE in order to make the impact you want to make?

What parts of you want to be celebrated, fortified, expanded?
What parts are longing to be held and soothed?
What old ways are ready to be released or transformed?
What new ways need to be nurtured as they emerge and grow?   

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, over-extended, under-resourced… more reactive than creative. Perhaps you have a sense of being disconnected – from other women, from the earth, or even from your own soul. Chances are, you’ve forgotten how to use your magic.

When you allow yourself to get caught up in the hyper-Masculine culture, you find yourself operating on over-drive, neglecting self-care, and forgetting who you are as a spiritual being. This leaves you feeling dry and depleted. Your leadership suffers, and your impact is less than ideal.

Thankfully, there is a better way. A much better way.

Feminine leadership is needed now

Truly impactful leadership occurs when you are fully nourished and resourced… when your Higher Self is in the drivers seat (in your body!)… and when you give from an overflow of life energy. When you offer your work as an act of devotion, you feel vibrantly alive and connected to the Source of Life.

It’s natural and easy to make the impact that you want to make.

One of the greatest leadership myths is that women can’t be both powerful and feminine. Actually, we can.
More importantly, we must.
— Allison Conte

What we do

At Sophia Leadership, we help women change-makers to trust Feminine ways of knowing, embody Feminine power and wisdom, and create with Feminine magic. Our programs are a blend of both professional development (to take your leadership to the next level), and a spiritual journey (to support your soul’s expansion).

We are debunking three myths:

  • that success requires aligning only with Masculine values

  • that the Feminine is weak and passive

  • that spirituality must be separated from leadership

If we are to create the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, nothing less will do.

Benefits you can look forward to

Feminine leadership brings real results.

Past participants in Sophia Leadership programs have experienced:

  • Vitality – Feeling alive, inspired and passionate

  • Ease – Meeting goals with less effort

  • Creativity – Increased flow of creative ideas

  • Support – Magnetizing resources and help for projects

  • Intuition – Following inner knowing and spiritual guidance

  • Authenticity – Leading from soul Essence (rather than ego personality)

  • Renewal – Ability to replenish energy, even when busy