Sophia Leadership Intensive

One of the most powerful levers for positive change is for women to lead with their natural Feminine essence.
— Allison Conte

Explore the cutting edge of women's leadership

Why is the Feminine principle needed now, more than ever, on the planet and in our organizations? What does it mean to lead from Feminine Essence? And most importantly, how can we learn to do it? 

Find out in the 3-day Sophia Leadership Intensive.

Sophia Leadership is a holistic approach that blends world-class executive development tools with Feminine psycho-spiritual practices. The Sophia Leadership model integrates a variety of transformational approaches, including polarity thinking, Jungian archetypes, developmental psychology, experiences in nature, embodiment practices, energy work, and ritual/ceremony.  

Who should attend?

Sophia Leadership is for women executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners who:

  • have achieved significant authority, influence and success

  • have mastered the "power game" as it is currently defined – but know there's a better way.

  • want to make a positive difference for their organization, and for the world.

  • want to bring their whole self to work – the Feminine side and Masculine side, the professional self and the spiritual self.

  • are longing for a community of like-minded peers to support their development.

Is Sophia Leadership for you?

Are you experiencing any of the following common problems that women leaders face, in an over-Masculinized environment?

Are you suffering the consequences of leading with too much Masculine?

Are you suffering the consequences of leading with too much Masculine?

Problem #1:  Your intuition and creativity are offline. You can't hear the quiet voice of your heart. 

  • You're working long hours with back-to-back meetings.

  • You're buried under a gigantic to-do list.

  • You're boxed in by linear thinking.

  • There's no time or space to reflect.

Problem #2:  You're depleted, exhausted, burned out... 

  • You're over-doing and over-giving.

  • You don't have enough support.

  • "Receive" mode is unfamiliar or difficult for you.

  • You're not taking exquisite care of yourself.

Problem #3: You're lacking passion and joy... Just going through the motions.

  • You grieve for the state of the world, but don't know how to help.

  • You're questioning the meaning – and price – of success.

  • You're disconnected from what matters most to your heart.

Feel more alive, intuitive and creative when you tap into the Feminine.

Feel more alive, intuitive and creative when you tap into the Feminine.

Program benefits

Past participants told us they got the following benefits from the Sophia Leadership Intensive:

  • Vitality – feel gloriously alive

  • Intuition – let your heart lead the way

  • Creativity – plug in to an ever-flowing source of creativity

  • Authenticity – lead from your essence

  • Ease – relax and allow yourself to be supported

  • Connection – with soulful women peers

Sophia Leadership opened up something entirely new in me. I’ve attended many seminars, but none has had this kind of immediate impact on my business. As I practiced what I’d learned, my creativity exploded! I was able to launch seven new projects in eight weeks, with so much less stress.
— R.B., consultant and leadership coach

Learning goals

In the Sophia Leadership Intensive, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the Feminine principle to address leadership, team, and organizational issues

  • Integrate Masculine and Feminine energies in yourself

  • Receive guidance through intuition

  • Achieve better results with less effort

  • Tap into the flow of creativity

  • Magnetize support and resources for your important projects

  • Replenish yourself energetically, even when you're busy

You'll also get lots of insights and practices, plus a unique framework for understanding Masculine and Feminine energy.

Find your tribe

You will be in very good company – successful women like you who want to evolve themselves and their organizations in an authentically Feminine way. 

Together, we will activate the deep wisdom and power of the Feminine that is the source of Life and of inspiration.

We will feel deeply, and speak Truth. We will walk in Beauty. We will dance our heart's desires, and sing the songs of our souls. We will dream a new world into being.

Feeling nourished and renewed, we will return to work feeling connected, inspired, and alive – inspired to take meaningful action. 

I promise you that women working together –
linked, informed and educated –
can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.
— Isabel Allende

Renew your spirit in Nature

Relax and unwind in a geo-thermically heated saltwater pool and hot tub.

Relax and unwind in a geo-thermically heated saltwater pool and hot tub.

One of the most important – and often neglected – ways to enhance your leadership capacity is to take time out to restore your body and soul. When you nourish yourself, you can give your best to others. 

During the retreat, you'll get a much-needed break from doing too much and pushing too hard. This is your time to relax and receive.  

Sit quietly on the earth, float in the outdoor hot pool, or schedule a massage. Allow yourself to be nourished and held. 

Listen to the quiet voice inside: What is stirring in your heart? What is your body telling you? What do you know to be true? What do you most deeply desire for yourself, for others, for the world?

We cannot subsist on little sips of life.
The wild force in a woman’s soul
demands that she have access to it all.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Program Structure – what's included

Magestic mountain views

Magestic mountain views

  • 3-day retreat

    • Welcome dinner on the first night

    • Lunch all 3 days

    • Spacious breaks for rest, reflection, renewal

  • 2 individual coaching calls

    • Pre-retreat preparation

    • Post-retreat integration

  • Participation in a private Facebook group

Retreat schedule

The agenda includes a long break in the afternoon followed by dinner on your own, so you can go for a hike, do a yoga class, get a massage, or soak in the hot tub. Evening sessions are held in the Bunkhouse, so you can float up to dreamtime afterward, or hang out and chat with your sisters late into the night... 

Sunday – 5pm - 9pm (dinner included)

Monday – 9am - 4pm (lunch included) + evening session

Tuesday  – 9am - 4pm (lunch included) + evening session

Wednesday – 9am - 4pm (lunch included)

Retreat Location

Devil's Thumb Ranch is located on 6,000 acres near Winter Park, Colorado, a two-hour drive from the Denver airport.

Devil's Thumb Ranch is located on 6,000 acres near Winter Park, Colorado, a two-hour drive from the Denver airport.

Devil's Thumb Ranch is an environmentally-friendly resort and spa offering rustic mountain beauty, elegant accommodations, fine dining and an array of year-round outdoor recreational activities.

The resort is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, flowering meadows and lush woodlands. The full-service spa features sauna, hot tub, massage, body treatments, facials, and yoga.

When planning your travel, we recommend arriving at least one day early to adjust to the altitude. You may choose to stay overnight in Denver, or book an extra night (or more!) at the resort.  


Elegantly rustic guest room

Elegantly rustic guest room


We have reserved a block of rooms in the Bunkhouse at Devil's Thumb Ranch, at a special rate of only $129/night + $10 resort fee for a private bath, and $109/night + $10 resort fee for shared bath.

The Bunkhouse, located down the road from the main lodge, features a private living room and kitchen, where you can relax and enjoy the company of your Sophia sisters.

To book your room, please call the ranch at 970-726-5632 and tell them you're part of the Sophia Leadership program.

Consider extending your stay – either before or after the program – to enjoy the spa and recreational activities.


The program includes dinner on the first night, and lunch all 3 days. For the remaining meals, you're free to choose a restaurant on site. The resort offers a healthy and delicious farm-to-table dining experience. 

Retreat staff

Allison Conte

Allison Conte

Program Director and Founder

Allison Conte, MSPODC, is an author, speaker, executive coach, facilitator and consultant. Allison developed the leadership model for Sophia Leadership as part of her mission to help humanity balance Masculine/Feminine energies, engage spirituality, honor the Earth, and use power wisely.  

Read Allison's bio.

Read what clients are saying about Allison

Rima Bonario

Rima Bonario





Program Assistant

Rima Bonario, Th.D., is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. Her life’s work is facilitating potent processes and deep practices that support her clients in reconnecting to their inherent sacred wholeness.

Read Rima's bio.


Sunset over the Rocky Mountains at Devil's Thumb Ranch

Sunset over the Rocky Mountains at Devil's Thumb Ranch